GV [Jee-Vee] j?ví ; (Noun) An individual whom realized in his adolescent phase in life that he himself is not only a vehicle in the design of the most high but a messenger of his will. A human-being, a sinner in many ways one can describe. A story teller and an activist for his people. Another powerful individual who has understood that the vibrations that he omits into this universe controls what he can create from it. Music is life and I live by mine completely. GV
GV is a Brooklyn Native Hip-Hop Artist and Songwriter who spent a few years down south before returning back up North and linking up with Artist/Sound Engineer Code Name Bellz to establish a team of artists in Brooklyn, NY. The eclectic lyricist was inspired by the sounds of Tupac, Nas, Big L, Lauryn Hill, and Bob Marley. The Brooklyn rapper hopes to shine a light on social injustices plaguing disenfranchised communities and use his voice to incite change.
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